Machining on all sides – that’s no problem for us.

Machining tool steels according to your wishes is one of our main services. In addition to standard steel plates, we can also deliver extremely varied special formats, machined on all sides or as ground plates.

Our milling machines can process special-format pieces that weigh over 20 tons. 

We can deliver milled plates that are up to 2,000 mm wide and 4,000 mm long and have a maximum weight of 8 tons.

If your needs call for something a little smaller, our automatic cutting machine can quickly and economically produce inserts and slides starting at the size of a matchbox. We are your reliable partner for all your tool steel processing needs – from very small to very large.

allseitige bearbeitung kontur werkzeugstahl
Schleifmaschine für Platten bis zu 8 Tonnen, 4.000 mm Länge und 2.000 mm Breite!
allseitige bearbeitung kontur werkzeugstahl
Fräszentrum für Blöcke von mehr als 20 t Stückgewicht.